Craft A+D – CAD-01 Desk

Craft Architecture Desk – 01 (CAD-01) is a desk and work surface designed and fabricated by Craft A+D. The CAD-01 is designed for a small architecture office and the needs of an architect. Working in architecture requires a desk that can meet a variety of needs: the obvious need for working on a computer with multiple monitors, but also a space to layout large drawings, layout materials and samples, building models, meet with clients, store drawings, and collaborate or share space with colleagues. The CAD-01 desks strives to do all this while maintaining a sleek profile and simple materials. The desk surface is rift sawn white oak veneer finished with tung oil and a hand painted edge. The frame is cold-rolled steel angle with a truss support design that not only serves to make the desk solid, but also provides a place to store rolled drawings or books. Contact us if you’re interested in having this bespoke desk crafted for your own use!IMG_5087 IMG_5083 IMG_5082 IMG_5081 IMG_5076

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