D Remodel

This client was looking for a way to update their Salt Lake City bungalow kitchen and dining room. The existing kitchen was separated from the dining room, reducing the space in each room. The new layout eliminated the wall between the spaces and enlargedĀ oneĀ opening into the living room (and eliminated another opening.)

The new layout create a larger more spacious kitchen and dining area. A large kitchen island lends itself to being the center of the action with space to prep, cook, and chat. Ample storage is provided with a combination of full height storage near an exterior door, as well as storage on both sides of the island.



_DSF6069 _DSF6071 _DSF6073



WD_3A3FWD_5CAD WD_5CEE WD_8E13 WD_8A21 WD_7A34 WD_6274 WD_AF1B WD_96AEWD_80E5

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